I'm a pure hobby photographer. Started out with a Leica IIIf when I was 14, upgraded via a M2 to a LeicaflexR3.
    After the R3 was stolen (grrrrr.....) had a short stint with a Canon T90, but didn't like it
    After that I was many years happy user of an Olympus OM2 and OM4 with a nice suite of primes and 2 zooms.
    Went digital with a Konica Minolta 5D in 2006 and added a Sony A700 early 2008. Then came an A850, a NEX5 and a NEX6

    I really like to test and use all kind of stuff, especially old MF lenses on my digital backs (the NEX's ;-) )

    I am a very frequent poster on

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